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    What is fiber cement board?


    Fiber cement board is a kind of cement board which is widely used in construction. It is widely used in civil, commercial and public buildings. Fiber cement board can be used in warehouses, tunnels and other buildings. Because of the emergence of various brands in the market, consumers have more choices. Although fiber cement board is used as a kind of material in China, there are still many friends who don't know much about fiber cement board. Let Xiaobian take you to understand what fiber cement board is and fiber cement board. Construction skills. Perforated sound absorbing panel

    What is fiber cement board?

    1. Fiber cement board is also called fiber reinforced cement board. As the name suggests, fiber cement board is a cement board made of cement and fiber. Because the fiber cement board itself has good performance, it is widely used and can be used as a material and wall decoration material. At the same time, fiber cement board is one of the best flame retardant panels.

    Second, fireproof and waterproof is definitely the biggest advantage of fiber cement board. The fiber cement board has a flame retardant rating of A. In the event of a fire, the fiber cement will not burn but no harmful gases will be produced. Put the fiber cement board in a place with high humidity, it can still be stable, will not deform, affect the fiber cement board structure. Such an ideal building material is certainly worth recommending for everyone.



    Third, we live in fast-paced cities and have been eroded by noise pollution for a long time. We need building materials with good sound insulation, and fiber cement board is the ideal board we are pursuing. The high-density fiber cement board has excellent sound insulation and good thermal insulation, which is also the characteristic of fiber cement board.

    Fourth, the construction of the sheet of course needs sufficient strength, in order to ensure the quality of our building. This is another feature of fiber cement board, which has high strength. Fiber cement boards are not prone to deformation and bending and can withstand the pressure of the load. Lightweight fiber cement board can be used as a house ceiling and is very practical.

    5. Such a superior fiber cement board is of course the first choice in our hearts. What is even more surprising is that the fiber cement board is also very economical. As a result, the cost of our renovation is greatly reduced, and the aesthetic decoration effect is also brought about. It can be said that it is truly affordable. Long service life, safe and reliable.

    Fiber cement board construction skills

    Construction tools: hand saws, electric circular saws, cutters, drills or group drills, hand-planing or planers, nail guns, umbrella bolts, wall bolts, self-tapping bolts, wood screws, screws, nails, Hooks, flexible paper tapes, sealing pastes, foam strips, metal corners, metal trims, etc. Fiber cement board

    1. Dry construction method:

    The first step: the screw is applied to the big-headed Lima screw, and the spring can be used for fire-resistant galvanized aggregate of 0.8mm or more. Fireproof and anti-explosive board

    The second step: 30cm -65mmx35mm column.

    The third step: 120cm under - strengthen the horizontal column.

    The fourth step: the indoor construction plate joint needs 3mm, and the outdoor needs to stay 5mm.

    Step 5: The lock screw should be at least 1.5cm away from the margin and 10cm pitch lock-screw.

    2. Mixed construction method:

    The first step: the screw is applied to the large-headed Lima screw, and the frame spring can be used for fireproof galvanized aggregate of 1.0mm or more.

    The second step: 40cm -65mmx35mm column

    The third step: the locking screw is at least 1.5cm from the margin, and the screw is locked at a distance of 10cm in the horizontal direction; the distance from the top to the bottom of the screw is 5cm, and the other 10cm.

    Step 4: The joint between the two layers of sheets cannot be continuous.

    Step 5: Before the completion of the grouting, the horizontal column can be locked on the outer side to be removed, and then removed after the grouting is completed.

    3. Exterior wall construction method:

    The galvanized skeleton with a thickness of 1.2 mm or more is spaced apart from the next pillar by 30 cm. First lock a layer of 12mm-15mm thick anti-plywood, then paste or lock the 8mm thick Jiude cement board, and then do the surface waterproof paint treatment.

    Seam treatment: The soil and the screw are not available with AB glue to increase the strength of the wall to avoid cracking of the board.


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