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    Installation of High Density Fiber Cement Exterior Wallboard


    Installation of High Density Fiber Cement Exterior Wallboard

    Selection of high density fiber cement exterior wall panels: 1200 * 2400 * 12mm, 1200 * 2400 * 15.

    1. When using large-scale high density fibre cement exterior wallboard as interior and exterior wallboard and ceiling board, light steel keel and wooden keel skeleton are mainly matched. Because the board surface is smooth and clean, the keel skeleton is strictly required to be installed smoothly and stably.

    2. Construction steps of high density fiber cement exterior wallboard: large-scale fiber cement pressure plate is fixed on the keel, and its keel spacing is generally 600 m M. When the height of the wall exceeds 4 m, it is determined by design calculation.

    3. Use self-tapping screw to fix large-scale fibre cement pressure plate. The nail spacing is 150-200 mm for ceiling plate and 200-300 mm for wall plate. The distance between the center of nail hole and the edge of plate is 10-15 mm for ceiling plate and 10-15 mm for wall plate.

    4. The specifications of the screw should be determined according to the type and specifications of the keel, and the diameter and length of the screw should be determined by the designer according to the thickness of the pressure plate with large area fiber cement.

    5. When fixing large-scale fibre cement pressure plate with keel, the drill bit diameter of hand electric drill should be 0.5-1 mm smaller than that of self-tapping screw.

    Head perforation, fixed nail head should be on the way to primer or putty in time. Prevent the nail head from rusting before spraying or pasting decorative materials and affect the appearance of the surface.

    6. Before spraying, coating and pasting various decorative surface materials on the large-scale fibre-cement pressure plate surface, dust and grease on the plate surface must be removed by sandpaper or portable surface polisher. It is strictly forbidden to use wet plates improperly stored and immersed in rain and water without proper drying treatment in order to prevent the plate from twisting and deforming.

    7. Installation of suspension roof and partition wall of large-scale fibre cement pressure board (especially for the project of scraping putty with seam) should be carried out after completion of other pipeline and airway processes, in order to avoid cracking of scraped seam putty caused by worker stepping on keel deformation.

    8. Before installation of high density fibre cement exterior wall panels, whenever spraying and painting of large-scale fibre cement pressure plate is needed, the first primer coating should be sprayed on both sides of the plate. For the fixed fixed plate, it can be sprayed directly on one side of the wall, but the first primer must be white in order to make the surface coating react better. The color.

    9. External wall board seam treatment: first wash the board seam clean, and then according to the position of use, can be closed gypsum, plaster putty, or cement (fine) mortar mixed with 107 glue for putty seam (24 hours later found that the board seam putty cracking shrinkage should be scraped again when ordinary gypsum putty), the board seam must be scraped flat, and then sandpaper. Hand-held surface polishing machine to make it smooth and clean so as not to affect the overall aesthetic effect of fiber cement exterior wall panels.

    10. Cutting and opening method of large-scale fibre cement pressure plate; fixing and installing large-scale fibre cement pressure plate and keel with electric drill. If large-scale cutting of the same specifications plate is needed, the manufacturer can be required to cut. A small amount of cutting can be cut by hand-held toothless circular saw at the installation site according to the required specifications and sizes.

    High density fiber cement exterior wallboard is a new kind of material which is used as stone agent in China. The color of it is UV fluorocarbon fiber cement board, real stone paint fiber cement exterior wallboard and clear water fiber cement exterior wallboard decoration board, which are widely praised.


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