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    Fiber Reinforced Cement Pressure Fireproof Board


    Fiber Reinforced Cement Pressure Fireproof Board

    Fiber reinforced cement pressure fire-proof board is a kind of professional fire-proof board developed by using the latest technology to add fire-proof components and corresponding additives to meet the requirements of passive fire-proof system.

    At present, the passive fire protection system provided by the company meets the requirements of the national fire protection standards, in which the application of firewall, steel structure protection and fire-resistant air duct has reached the international leading level.

    Performance characteristics:

    Fire protection: Professional fire protection performance is good, passive fire protection system structure, through the national standard GB/T9978 British standard BS476/international standard ISO834 fire protection test

    Environmental protection meets environmental protection requirements

    Economy: Light weight and high strength, reduce the cost of building structure

    Strong surface decoration: paint, wallpaper, veneer tiles can be used

    Waterproof and moisture-proof: Tobe mullite crystal structure, excellent stability, small heat insulation and energy saving affected by humidity change: good thermal insulation performance, reduce energy consumption

    Long service life: inorganic substrates such as cement, powder quartz, easy to decorate, fearless of harsh environment, the same service life as masonry anti-mildew, anti-moth, anti-aging


    1-4 hours firewall;

    (2) 3-hour self-supporting fire-resistant air duct coating;

    (3) 3-hour fire-proof wrapping with iron duct;

    (4) 2-hour fire-proof cladding of steel beams;

    3 hours fire-proof cladding of steel column;

    _Fire prevention projects such as fire ceiling, wrapping of wire (cable) pipes, etc.

    Product Specification:


    Explosion-proof pressure relief plate

    Explosion release characteristics

    1. Disperse quickly 2. It is not easy to form secondary damage 3 when releasing explosion. It has good strength 4, light weight 5, durability 6, moisture-proof 7, compression 8 and excellent fire-proof performance.

    9. Roof drainage is convenient and reliable 10. Installation is fast 11. Thermal insulation performance is outstanding 12. Leakage prevention technology is mature 13. It is easy for surface decoration.

    Parameters of explosion-proof pressure relief plate

    1. Material composition: minerals, fibers, additives, etc.

    2. Combustibility: Class A non-combustible material, according to GB 8624-2006 non-combustible material

    3. Size specification: 2440 mm *1220 mm

    4. Standard thickness: 6mm-25mm

    5. Density: 1000Kg/m3

    6, thermal conductivity: 0.166W/mk

    7, PH: 9-10

    8, flexural strength: transverse 12.40N/mm2 and vertical 10.39N/mm2

    9. Tensile strength: 10.86N/mm2

    10, water content: 1.5%

    11. Asbestos content: 100% asbestos-free

    12, anti-mildew and anti-moth function: under normal use, it has anti-mildew and anti-moth function

    application area

    1. Explosion-proof and pressure-relief roof

    2. Explosion-proof and pressure-relief exterior wall


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