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    Explosion-proof panels in chemical plants, explosion-proof panels in petrochemical plants


    Explosion-proof panels, explosion-proof walls, / explosion-proof walls / explosion-proof wall panels are panels that provide solutions for working systems with special requirements such as explosion-proof, shock-proof and fire-proof. It is made of galvanized steel with the specifications of 1200X2400X8-10-12-15-20. It is mainly used in explosion-proof door, explosion-proof partition wall, explosion-proof ceiling, explosion-proof smoke exhaust pipe/air conditioning pipe/cable pipe, explosion-proof cable protection and explosion-proof protection of steel structure. Applications: Commercial buildings (high-rise office buildings, shopping malls, aviation stations), power plants (nuclear power plants, oil-fired power plants, coal-fired power plants) industrial/military (combination of manufacturing and storage equipment), petrochemical industry (offshore drilling platform, petrochemical plants, LPG station pipelines, boiler room partitions, etc.) Other chemical plant partitions, transportation facilities (underground railway, highway system), etc. Baode explosion-proof board has advantages: (1) explosion-proof; (2) lightweight; (3) fire prevention: Baode explosion-proof board firewall has 4-6 hours fire resistance limit, which can meet the fire protection requirements of explosion-proof wall. Surface galvanized steel materials, increase impact resistance; easy to connect with other steel components; cutting and installation faster and simple; system composition can provide more flexible specific solutions. Special specifications can be processed according to the needs of customers.

    Baode explosion-proof board is a fire-proof and explosion-proof material composed of explosion-proof fibre cement board and perforated galvanized steel plate. The non-combustible grade of explosion-proof panels is in accordance with Section 10 of BS 476, 4:1970 and EN 13501-1:200. The results of the experiments meet many British and international fire acceptance standards.

    Our factory develops and develops explosion-proof board, which has been approved by the market. Through strict testing, it can be used for barriers, doors and ceilings, and the manufacturer can provide various specifications. The lightweight, strength, impact, resistance to rice blast, durability and special fire protection of explosion-proof board enable firefighters to avoid a fire house as far as possible and ensure the safety of life and property of society. All over the world, in various industries, including power plants, nuclear power, petrochemical industry, pharmaceuticals, gas boiler rooms, coal-fired boiler rooms, drilling platforms, warehouses, airports, railway and subway facilities.


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