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    Introduction Meeting on Application Technology of Fiber Cement Board


    Introduction Meeting on Application Technology of Fiber Cement Board

    In Yichun, Jiangxi, China Association of Concrete and Cement Products organized a promotion meeting on the products and application technology of fire-proof calcium silicate board and fibre reinforced cement board developed by Jinte Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. More than 160 leaders, experts and people from all walks of life from this industry participated in the promotion meeting. At the presentation meeting, experts discussed the development of concrete and cement products industry in many aspects, and proposed to use technological progress to promote energy saving and emission reduction in wall materials industry.

    In recent years, in order to meet the needs of our country's construction, transportation and municipal construction, various new building material products emerge at the historic moment. Large-scale construction projects and municipal construction also put forward higher requirements for product quality and supporting technology. Calcium silicate board and fiberboard are used as fireproof partition boards for high-rise and public buildings. Product production and application technology has developed rapidly.

    During the promotion meeting, an expert review meeting was held on the products of calcium silicate board and fibre reinforced cement board for Jinte building materials. The experts reviewed the review materials and listened to the reports on product development and engineering technology application made by the production units. After inquiry and discussion, it was agreed that the environmental protection lightweight fire-proof and moisture-proof board for building decoration should be the main type. Jinte products and their fibre reinforced calcium silicate series boards have low thermal conductivity and low density. As tunnel fireproof boards, the fire resistance limit can reach 230 minutes, and the combustion grade is non-flammable A1. The exterior wall boards with integrated functions of thermal insulation and decoration can meet the requirements of building thermal insulation. From the application performance of Jinte fire-proof board and exterior wall board in key projects such as Nanjing River-crossing Tunnel, Shanghai Electric Company, National Stadium, Beijing Metro Line 4 and so on, the product performance and application of fire-proof board are in the leading level in China. The application of this product is of great significance to promote technological progress and energy saving and emission reduction in the wall industry, and has obvious economic and social benefits.


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