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    Fiber Reinforced Cement Board and Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Board


    Fiber Reinforced Cement Board and Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Board

    Fiber reinforced cement board and fibre reinforced calcium silicate board are new inorganic non-metallic plates made from siliceous materials and calcium materials with appropriate amount of reinforcement materials through pulping, forming, autoclaving, drying, sanding and post-processing.

    It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, fireproof and heat insulation (heat insulation coefficient is less than 0.4), durability, low shrinkage, good processing performance, easy surface decoration, etc. It is widely used in building interior walls, exterior walls, ceiling, roof and ventilation pipes, gymnasium, theatre, conference room sound absorption board, fireproof partition board.

    It can also be used in industrial facilities for various special purposes, such as sound insulation wall of expressway, enclosure board, sprinkler board of cooling tower of power plant, permanent formwork for building engineering, waterproof board for steel structure engineering, partition board for train and ship, movable house board, large-scale compound board for factory, etc.

    In decorative board materials, it belongs to high-grade board and green environmental protection products. Beijing construction market is widely used, the most representative of which is the Bird's Nest project of the Olympic project.

    At present, there are two ways to produce asbestos-free fiber reinforced cement board and fiber reinforced calcium silicate board by mastering production technology in China: one is slurry method, the thickness of production board is 5-20 mm; the other is copy method, the thickness of production board is 4-16 mm.

    At present, the development of domestic situation, slurry concentration on-line measurement and detection. Flow slurry method can produce 4-5 sheets per minute, and the output of the extraction method depends more on the material formula of the production technology. The new efficient energy-saving dryer has good circulation effect and even drying on the board surface. The temperature of each standard section can be controlled by temperature sensor. At present, the way to increase production is to use a 1.65-metre forming cylinder and a three-station stacker to suck two billets at a time, with a cycle speed of 15 seconds.

    At present, the raw material supply of fibre reinforced cement board production abroad is commercialized. The automatic control of raw material mixing and slurry concentration ensures the high mechanization of production line, which guarantees the quality and output of products. Its single production line has an annual output of 10 million square meters (plate thickness 3.5 mm, capacity 8 sheets per minute), and a high level of automation control. Fiber cement (or calcium silicate board) sheet is widely used in ceiling in foreign countries. It is different from most domestic enterprises in the use of raw materials. Cement is used as calcium material instead of lime.

    In the future, the development direction of fibre reinforced cement board and fibre reinforced calcium silicate board should be to meet the market demand, produce light board and exterior wall board with different densities and different uses; intensify efforts to study material properties, improve asbestos-free formulation to meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection; develop main equipment to increase the output of single machine: use 2 kinds of raw materials The main equipment can produce 8 sheets of asbestos-free board per minute in a single production line; the fully automated mechanized production line is introduced to promote the automatic control system of raw material measurement and water-material ratio; the research on exterior decoration treatment of sheet metal is strengthened and the composite board is promoted; the industry is the leader, and scientific research funds are applied for and the design department is organized. Research units and production enterprises should tackle key problems.


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