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    What kind of work should be done before purchasing a military explosion-proof wall in bulk?


    When pursuing the procurement of military explosion-proof panels, it is a very important part of all of us to do a good job in all aspects of the work, and to constantly understand some specific situations. Many people are purchasing in bulk. In the process, I don’t know much about the specific situation, so it is very likely that it will bring some influence. Now let’s explain to you further, how do you do the procurement?

    In order to purchase military explosion-proof walls in bulk, we need to know the various manufacturers on the market. There are many different manufacturers in the market. The products produced by each manufacturer are different. We can correctly understand all aspects and know the specific conditions of different manufacturers. This is the premise and basis for our procurement. In the process of doing everything, we must correctly understand the corresponding.

    The needs of different places are different, especially in terms of quantity requirements, specification requirements, and quality requirements. These aspects will have certain differences. When we purchase military explosion-proof walls, we must know ourselves. What are the requirements, only the specific aspects that can be properly understood, and know the corresponding needs, so that the entire procurement work will become smoother.

    If there is a large demand for military explosion-proof walls, we must do a good job in these two aspects before purchasing, and we must really consider all aspects. Being able to do a good job of getting a better understanding and correctly understanding more practical situations will make the next procurement work more smooth. The procurement work involves a variety of situations, and we need to be well informed.

    Explosion-proof panels are used in many different fields, mainly for the surface of reinforced fiber cement slabs, plus some cast steel materials, which can be better fireproof and explosion-proof during use. We can use them in various applications when applied. Place, then how to do the installation and fixed work in peacetime, let us explain further to you, and understand the situation correctly, the whole work will be smoother.

    When the explosion-proof plate is installed and fixed, we must directly cut the plate according to the specific design drawings and the corresponding construction conditions, as well as the work of opening the hole. In the process of daily application, some on-site chamfering should be done when necessary. We must know that some corresponding chamfering treatments have been done on both sides of the product, but when it is higher than 2400 mm, it must be Do some related processing.

    In the process of installing the anti-theft version, we must mark some fixed points of the self-tapping screws, and when laying, we should use the vertical method, which can really make the plates in the process when the plates are docked. More natural, in the process of fixation, the middle part must be fixed to the peripheral part, and then it can really play the corresponding function and role.

    When you install the anti-theft version around the doors and windows, the seams can fall on the keel with the ground and vertical direction. Otherwise, in the process of frequently switching the doors and windows, various vibrations may occur. The problem of cracking is very unfavorable for our entire use. According to the correct method of installation and fixed work, then in the process of using, can bring us more protection.


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