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    jinhuaZhi jie board · Inorganic pre-coated decorative board
    jinhuaZhi jie board · Inorganic pre-coated decorative board

    jinhuaZhi jie board · Inorganic pre-coated decorative board

    • category:jinhuaZhi jie board Inorganic pre-coated board
    • Release date:2019-09-11
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    • product description

    Zhi jie board · Inorganic pre-coated decorative board

    Product specifications:2440×1220×6/9/12 mm

    Features:Fireproof, moisture proof, easy to process, easy to decorate, corrosion resistant, insect proof

    Applications:Interior and exterior wall decoration, clean space, underground fire prevention, ceiling

    Application range:Tunnels, subways, basements, hospitals, dust-free sterile clean rooms, etc.


    ◆  Exterior wall system
      The Zhijie board exterior wall system can be used for the exterior curtain of new buildings or for the renovation of the exterior walls of old buildings. The Zhijie external wall dry hanging system can be anchored with special rivets or glued to the high-strength aluminum alloy frame with structural glue and AB glue. Since the fixed support for the skeleton fastening is adjustable, the skeleton not only provides an adjustable space for the filling material and the ventilation space, but also overcomes the unevenness of the supporting wall, and the ventilation space allows the entire outer wall (including The temperature and humidity characteristics of the original supporting wall have been significantly improved. 


    >Dry hanging system features

    The system is light in weight;

    Can be used as a firewall, no smoke and toxic gas released when burning;

    Provide effective protection to the wall from external influences;

    Excellent resistance to wind pressure. Compared with the sealed curtain wall, the wind pressure is partially reduced due to the ventilation space;

    Providing the thermal insulation capacity of the building, which is currently the most popular exterior insulation system in the world;

    Can be used in a variety of colors and specifications to form a variety of graphics and patterns;

    Various structures and fixing methods, bright frame / hidden frame / glue / anchor;

    Does not reflect radar signals and has no effect on modern communications;

    Quick and easy construction;

    The cleaning and maintenance cycle is long and the cleaning cost is low.

    ◆  Paste system

    Zhijie exterior wall panel is a new generation of wall decoration products which are 100% environmental protection, energy saving and fireproof, which are beneficial to promote residential industrial application and replace stone, aluminum plate, ceramic tile and glass. In order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for energy saving and emission reduction in the world, and actively respond to the newly promulgated building fire regulations, Zhijie fa?ade board with good fire performance and energy saving effect will become the development trend of the market.

    Zhijie's exterior wall panels can be used 5 to 10 times more energy-efficient than traditional materials. Therefore, whether it is in a cold or hot environment, it can improve the comfort of the house, and it is an energy-saving product.

    Basically, dry work, all-weather construction, to avoid the construction problems of subzero temperatures in the north. Factory-based production, modular installation, and three-in-one implementation, the average person can construct 15 to 30 square meters per day, and the construction efficiency is 3 to 5 times higher than the traditional practice.

    There is no need to fix the skeleton, reduce the cost, and the comprehensive cost is much lower than the traditional aluminum plate and stone, and the cost is 30-50% lower.

    Light weight, wind pressure resistance, deformation resistance; reasonable waterproof design, avoid condensation on the backing plate, improve service life; no need to install keel, paste + anchor, sealant as deformation joint buffer, no interlayer opening, plate detachment. The safety is improved by 3-5 times.

    ◆  Indoor system
      The Zhijie board indoor system is mainly used for the surface decoration of the inner wall panels and drywall walls of new and old buildings. The system has greatly improved the impact strength and sound insulation ability of the wall. The system is suitable for buildings with high cleanliness requirements, and can be used in places with heavy water vapor, such as: bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. The panels can be mounted on internal partitions of various materials or on various metal skeletons or wood skeletons. The wall can be patterned and patterned in a variety of colors and cuts to meet different aesthetic needs.

    ◆  Decoration system

    Easy to clean, resistant to corrosion of various acids, alkalis, organic solvents, disinfectants and daily necessities;

    Good antibacterial property, resisting the survival of various infectious bacteria on the surface of the plate, reducing the possibility of disease transmission;

    The seam can be used as a slit, flat seam or PVC seam, aluminum alloy profile, etc.

    Complete dry construction method;

    The pure natural texture and matte finish of the sheet will complement the design concept.

    ◆  Clean system

    Zhijie board system is suitable for hotels, homes, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, chemical rooms and other dust-free places.

    The clean room is divided into two categories: industrial clean room (ICR) and biochemical clean room (BCR). ICR is dominated by the manufacturing environment for dust removal to provide high purity products; BCR is primarily aimed at preventing infection by researchers. The clean room is divided into levels by the amount of dust particles contained in the air. The 100 level is the cleanest level. The higher the number, the lower the cleanliness. The air level of each level, the amount of ventilation, and the filter cover. Kind to control the amount of dust particles. The siding is processed in a special way during the processing of the substrate to keep the surface smooth and sprayed with resin so that the surface of the material does not produce the physical properties of dust.



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