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    zhangjiagangGrouting wall system
    zhangjiagangGrouting wall system
    zhangjiagangGrouting wall system
    zhangjiagangGrouting wall system
    zhangjiagangGrouting wall system
    zhangjiagangGrouting wall system

    zhangjiagangGrouting wall system

    • category:zhangjiagangGrouting wall system
    • Release date:2019-09-09
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    Zhijiu board Grouting wall system

    It is a non-load-bearing plate made of Aifuxi board FC as two panels and filled with light core material at the same time. The product has the  advantages of solid, light, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong  hanging force, heat insulation, sound insulation, fireproof, waterproof, easv to cut, and small weight. It is mainly used as the partition wall, inner partition  wall and lire partition wall of the building, which can effectively reduce the  occupied area of the wall, improve the utility rate of the house, reduce the structural load, improve the seismic capacity and safety performance of the  building. Reducing the overall cost is the best alternative to traditional solid clay bricks.

    Construction steps:

    A. Keel installation

    According to the design requirements, draw the ink line at the wall position.

    Fix the heaven and earth keel (bolt) with nails or expansion bolts according to the ink lineThe spacing is generally 500 600mm).

    Install vertical light stecl keels, the spacing is based on site conditions and  matcrials. Usually 30cm.

    The vertical keel and the wall retain an elastie gap of1030mm. In the case of  a steel structure, the gap is filled with rock wool The height of the pipeline holes of each vertical keel is kept as consistent as pussible to facilitate the water pipe The line passes.

    B. Panel mounting

    The panel adopts Aifuxi FC board (other sheets will cause arching, poor bonding and shrinkage cracks due to strength, shrinkage, ctc.).

    The panel is locked to the keel with a self-tapping serew, generally 150 200mm Lock one.

    The wall panel is first sealed on one side. After the water pipe is completed, another one is sealed. Panel, reserved grouting port.

    The board and board seams are reserved 2-3mm.

    C. Grouting construction

    Grouting and pouring with a special grouting pump can vertically build a height of about 10 stories.

    Mixing lightweight aggregate concrete with a large-capacity mortar mixer requires the principle of no bleeding, and the weight is 75kg/m (taking 75mm thick wall as an example).

    The outlet of the grouting pipe is placed at the grouting port of the wall, and the surface of the grout is gently tapped to make it full of pulp.

    When grouting, the wall deformation should not exceed 2mm.



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